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What is a noxious weed?

"Noxious weed" is a designation for any plant that is harmful to local habitats and ecosystems, or to humans, livestock, and crops. They typically aren't native to the area and without the biological controls they would normally have (e.g. animals that eat them in their home range) they can spread out of control and displace other plants, decreasing biodiversity.

State of Florida Class I Invasive Aquatic Plants

5B-64.011 Prohibited Aquatic Plants.
(1) Class I Prohibited Aquatic Plants – Under no circumstances will these species be permitted for possession, collection, transportation, cultivation, and importation except as provided in Rule 5B-64.004, F.A.C.:

Scientific name Common names Notes
Alternanthera philoxeroides alligatorweed, green lead plant more on iNat
Casuarina spp. Australian pine more on iNat
Crassula helmsii swamp stone crop more on iNat
Eichhornia spp. water hyacinth more on iNat
Hydrilla verticillata hydrilla, Florida elodea, stargrass, oxygen grass more on iNat
Ipomoea aquatica water spinach more on iNat
Ipomoea fistulosa water spinach more on iNat
Lagarosiphon spp. African elodea more on iNat
Limnocharis flava Sawah flowing rush more on iNat
Lythrum salicaria purple loosestrife more on iNat
Melaleuca quinquenervia giant sensitive plant, cat's claw more on iNat
Monochoria hastata Asian water hyacinth more on iNat
Monochoria vaginalis heartleaf false pickerelweed more on iNat
Myriophyllum spicatum Eurasian watermilfoil more on iNat
Nechamandra alternifolia nechamandra more on iNat
Oryza rufipogon wild red rice more on iNat
Pontederia rotundifolia tropical pickerelweed more on iNat
Salvinia spp., (excluding S. minima) floating watermoss, water spangles, Kariba weed more on iNat
Schinus terebinthifolius Brazilian-pepper more on iNat
Sparganium erectum* exotic bur-reed more on iNat
Stratiotes aloides water-aloe, soldier plant more on iNat
Trapa spp. water chestnut more on iNat
Vossia cuspidata hippo grass more on iNat

source: Rule: 5B-57.007: Noxious Weed List